Sunday, October 3, 2010


Give me your ideas for how we set the equipment up. How much space do we need for the rebuilding operation? For storage of tubes and supplies? How should it be laid out?


  1. I am a firm believer in the "don't reinvent the wheel" concept. Scotty had a very good work flow at his place. I think we should take a cue from him and copy his layout. Work flow and equipment was pretty much laid out in the same order the rebuilding steps take place. I am only estimating, but I believe the work area at Scotty's place was roughly 30' x40' But we could compact that a great deal. I think about 800 Sq Ft would probably work well.

    Main steps in rebuilding are 1. Wash sink, 2. gun removal, 3, re-necking, 4. vertical lathe to install gun, 5. evacuation oven & getter flashing, 6 cathode activation and KNocker bench.

  2. Copied from ARF:

    Hope this isn't too far off topic, but are you going to allow visitors to the museum to go into the area where all the CRT rebuilding equipment is located? Or is it too dangerous, hazardous, etc? I would really like to see all that equipment, even if it weren't running.


  3. Copied from ARF:

    a safety suggestion..if you have a closeup tour..if permissible to install a thick
    plexi-glass observation panels with an access walk way where folks can observe the process in relative safety; but close enough to enjoy what's going on in the rebuild shop!


  4. Bob Galanter has drawn up a preliminary floor plan for the facility. See it here: