Saturday, October 2, 2010


Hi Eveyone,

I've created this blog as a place to gather and exchange information on CRT rebuilding. This will be a place to share your knowledge and experience, to ask questions, and to help formulate a plan for using the equipment that has been donated by Scotty at Hawkeye. The goal is to eventually rebuild tubes at the Early Television Museum.

Before we can do that, we need to know if it is practical. I hope that through this blog we can gather the information to decide whether rebuilding CRTs can be done at a cost that will appeal to collectors.

I welcome your comments.


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  2. The problem with getting tubes rebuilt is two fold.
    First, what is the availlability of guns, and, cost?
    Another would be what would be the cost to collectors?
    If you have a super rare tv that is worth thousands, you don't mind spending 600.00 to re build a tube.

    If, however, you have common, run of the mil sets, as many of us do, rebuilding a tube is a cost factor.
    Also, if on a mimited income, cost will also be a factor.....
    Bill Cahill

  3. I see Bill mentions this but I will go anyway . . .

    The new electron gun assembly was always manufactured by others as I recall. So as the world abandons CRT's forever, what is the source for this?

    When Hawkeye did the CRT in my predicta (21" still working like new) I remember discussing the source he planned to use for the gun and the desire of fresh stock.

    So as I am to understand, you can't put a stash in the freezer for later.

    Jim McDermaid