Monday, October 11, 2010

Progress Reports

Here you will find progress reports on the project.


  1. October 11 Progress Report:

    To move the equipment we have purchased a semi trailer from Scotty for $1,000, plus $300 for tires. Scotty has finished loading everything in the trailer. Bob Dobush has contacted trucking companies for quotes for taking the trailer to Hilliard. Timing depends on when we get a price for moving the trailer that is reasonable. But now that the equipment is loaded there is no hurry about gettting it to Hilliard.

    Bob Dobush will make a trip to Hawkeye with a van to pick up items that remain.

    Once we know the date of the move, we will set a weekend for unloading. We will ask for volunteers who can come to the museum on a Saturday or Sunday to help.

    After the trailer is unloaded, it is our plan to sell the trailer. We hope to be able to sell it for about what we paid for it.

  2. Nick Williams here.

    Since there hasn't been any public activity on here in a while, I'll post an update.

    The equipment is at the museum, still pending discussion on it's placement in the bay. Right now the assumption is that a space will be constructed to house the gear, along with a viewing window so the public can watch.

    I am in France at the moment, at the RACS factory. I am learning the ins and outs of neck welding, button sealing, gun rebuilding, oven operations, ect. Once I retire, I or someone I train will work the machines at the museum so that full time rebuilding can take place.

  3. Hi folks,

    I wish you the best of luck with your projects! I sure hope you manage to set up a facility, and that demand is high enough for re-furbished CRTs.

    I wish I could join this project and museum, though the museum is probably a long way from me (Australia).

    Being only 16 y/o (17 on Jan 31st), I don't have much experence with CRT television sets. I do a lot of electronics work (mainly pulling apart electronics and salvaging "useful" components), and pull a lot of CRTs apart. No matter how many times I do it, I still get the shakes when I accidentally knock the neck off a CRT while removing the case.I even had the priveledge to pull apart a broken PYE CRT from the 70's. I kinda wish I'd brought it home to fix, though it was a big bugger of a set and I'd never be able to lug it home by hand or bike.

    Hopefully one day I'll get a CRT for my room. I used to have a modern CRT, but my parents deemed it obsolete (shame on them!) and hauled it to the dump. Now, I'm after a nice smaller 70's CRT. They're apparently worth less than the spare change under your sofa cushions, but are pretty hard to come by around this part of the world.

    However unlikely, if there is ever anythng a 16 y/o Aussie can do to help you folks out, I'd be more than happy to help.


    Christopher M.D. Ronayne